Summer Camp

A game between Picasso and Antiquity

Summer in Museum of Cycladic Art!

Six five-day terms in June and July make summer in Athens fascinating for our young friends! Interactive guided tours, screenings, storytelling, painting, construction and sculpture crafts, group games and activities are included in a week full of playing, joy and creativity within the Museum! Based on the temporary exhibition: “Picasso and Antiquity. Line and clay”

24-28/06, 01-05/07, 08-12/07, 15-19/07, 22-26/07, 29/07-02/8

For children 5-9 years old

A game between Picasso and Antiquity is based on the temporary exhibition: «Picasso and Antiquity. Line and clay». In this year’s summer camp line and clay join contradictions and create a fertile field prone to dialogue between now and then, man and woman, war and peace, man and beasts and, finally, children and Antiquity, children and Picasso. This dialogue will carry on between mythology and folk tales and will sum up in children’s artworks through different techniques.  

Painting talks with sculpture, etching and ceramics, ink chats with clay, Attic Red-figures face nowadays posters, Φ-type figurines confront comics, ancient vases stand next to everyday objects, and plank-shaped figurines give life to totem poles. 

Kids will have the chance to visit the permanent collections as well as the temporary exhibition “Picasso and Antiquity. Line and clay”.

Day 1: Man-Woman

During the first day of the Summer camp we will be wondering in the exhibition rooms and we will be looking for the Φ and Ψ-type figurines. As soon as we find them, we will talk with them, and let them be introduced and narrate their story. Together we will be travelling in the worlds of myths and folk tales and get inspired by them to make our own artworks. Apart from Φ and Ψ more alphabet letters will join us to become figurines and reveal their own story through a comic script. 

Day 2: War-Peace

During our second day, our route will lead us on the Red-figure and Black-figure path. We will be exposed to war and peace scenes, we will be listening stories of the most well-known war of the Antiquity, the Trojan war and we will come back in our workshop full of images to create our own works. Black-figure plaques will be prepared to represent war or peace times and Red-figure posters will be designed to promote a nowadays product. 

Day 3: Human beings- Mythical creatures

On day 3rd we will be standing in front of the ceramic Centauri to admire their figure and listen the myth of their creation and doom. Along with that we will let our imagination flee on the back of a fairytale dragon. Inspired by these stories we will be coming back to the workshop to play with ink and clay and make our own 2D and 3D mythical creatures. 


Day 4: Bull-Minotaur

During the 4th day of the Summer Camp, Picasso’s and Antiquity’s bulls will lead us to their dark paths. We will follow their traces into the myths where copper fire-breathed bulls sprout up and we will reach Crete and the Minotaur’s labyrinth. Bull’s and other animals’ strength will be captured on ceramic everyday objects. All our imagination pictures will be illustrated with colorful chalks on black boards. 

Day 5: Human beings - Animals

During our last day of our trip we will be visiting the exhibitions to find Antiquity’s plank-shaped figurines and Picasso’s owls. We will look for similarities and differences, will contemplate on their materials and will come back in our workshop to make our own plank-shaped totem poles. During this last trip in the land of myths and folk tales we will be listening stories of humans and animals’ alliances and rivalries. In the end, children will present the whole body of works to their parents during a story-like presentation. 

from June 24 - August 2
24-28/06, 01-05/07, 08-12/07, 15-19/07, 22-26/07, 29/7-2/8

Monday - Friday 10.00-13.00
(break for quick snack)

Children aged: 5-9 
Admission: 80€, 65€ Siblings in same workshop (second and third child)
Cycladic Friends: 65€ 
(1 child/member, membership card required at ticket booth)

Information – Reservations: 210 7294220, Monday – Friday: 10:00-13:00


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