Summer Camp 2024:
“Portraits of ourselves”




Children will look for their personal stories through the photographic works of artist Cindy Sherman, the exhibits of the Museum and animation films.

Who am I? How can I draw myself using colors and paints? What are the shapes and lines of my emotions? How did various 20th century artists portrait themselves? If I were a movie hero, who would I be? If I had superpowers, what would they be and how would I use them? If I were a villain in a movie or a story, who would I be? These are few of the questions that will be answered by children in this very active and creative week. Our guide in these quests will be different games, music and dancing. At the end of the week, children’s works will be presented in an exhibition that they will gradually design during the five-day camp’s duration.

This year’s Summer Camp will take place during 7 five-day sessions: 17-21/6, 25-28/6*, 1-5/7, 8-12/7, 15-19/7, 22-26/7 and 29/7-2/8


Day 1
Who am I?

Who am I Who would I really like to be? How did artist Cindy Sherman photograph herself in different places and in different modes? How did Picasso and Frida Kahlo paint themselves? Children will be introduced to portrait photography techniques; they will be photographed playing different roles and they will paint themselves as they want. Our inspiration draws from films where heroes seek to find out who they are through adventures and struggles, such as Encanto, Sing and Moana.

Day 2
How do I feel?

How do I feel when I find something exciting? What is the color of fear? What is the shape of joy? Do figurines express emotions? Which element of nature represents anger? Children will tour the garden, search and find the right materials and textures and play with shapes and colors to fabricate huge collages depicting their feelings. Children’s inspiration draws from the Museum’s exhibits located in our collections as well as the films Inside out, Frozen and Elemental.

Day 3
What bad guy would I be?

If I was a villain in a story or a movie, who would I choose to be? What would be my secret power and weapons? Inspired by the rituals of a Papua New Guinea tribe that handcrafts scary masks to scary away their enemies, children will design their own ‘scary’ clay masks. The films that will guide us through the fabrication process are Despicable Me, Bad Boys and How to Train Your Dragon.

Day 4
Who is standing in front of me?

If I drew someone, where would I draw him? Would it be in the Museum, in the garden or in the workshop? And what if someone else would draw my sketch, where would I choose to sit? Children will experiment and learn to use the technique of quick sketching. Using different materials, our young talents will sketch each other in different sections of the Museum and then bring them to life in different ways. Our inspiration draws from old Walt Disney films such as Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and Snow White.

Day 5
Which superhero would I be?

If I were a superhero, who would I be? What my superpowers would be? Who would I fight against? Inspired by comics and Japanese manga, children will draw and design a comic book with their superhero. Various comic books adapted into films, such as Asterix and Spider-Man, but also movies, such as The Incredibles, will help us bring our superhero to life.

Join us so we can play and create together!

Note: 5-minute short videos from different film will be only played, not the entire film.



Seven five-day sessions:
17-21/6, 25-28/6*, 1-5/7, 8-12/7, 15-19/7, 22-26/7 and 29/7-2/8


120€ per five-day session
*100€ per four-day session 25-28/6
Ticket purchase on 17/5 at 10:00


(every day, with 2 light lunch breaks, that children will bring from home).


6 (the will go to first grade) to 11 years old
Summer Camp is addressed to Greek-speaking children in Greece and abroad.


Despina Sakellariou, Developmental Psychologist
Fotini Goudopoulou, Educator-Museum Educator

The Summer Camp is implemented with the support of Eurolife FFH, Strategic Partner of the Museum of Cycladic Art and Raycap, Supporter of the Museum’s Educational Programs.

Strategic Partner
Supporter of the Educational Programs