Museum Kits

They were originally devised to bring the world of the Museum of Cycladic Art closer to students and teachers and are sent to schools throughout Greece, school libraries and other cultural institutions that design free-of-charge actions for children. Moreover, international institutions, such as schools, universities, embassies and consulates have permanent museum kits for the educational programs and actions they carry out.




To make a reservation, please contact the Department of Educational Programs at +30 210 7239438. More information at

Borrowing the Museum kit is free of charge. Shipment needs to be taken care of by the teacher; shipment costs, in case a carrier is used, are borne by the borrowing school or institution.

For 10 working days, excluding the days of transportation.

Yes, but not more than two in total, as the loan period remains the same.

No. Museum kits are lent only to schools and other institutions located in Greece.

Institutions that offer programs for free.

Instructions and suggestions may be found in the actual Museum kit.


The Museum kits are mostly lent to schools. They may also be “adopted” by an institution, company or individual to be offered to a school, university, foundation, or other institution.

In Greece
The Cycladic Museum kits have traveled across most parts of Greece. Some have also been given to institutions such as libraries, museums, and schools.

Museum kits may be found abroad in Schools, Universities, Consulates and Embassies in the USA, Canada, Europe, Zimbabwe, and Hong Kong.