From 20/6/2019 until 20/10/2019

Picasso and Antiquity

Line and clay


from 20/6/2019 until 20/10/2019

The exhibition is organized with the support of FABA - Fundación Almine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso para el Arte, Musée Picasso Antibes, Museo Picasso Malaga and Musée National Picasso – Paris as part of the “Picasso-Mediterranée” project. 


As part of the series of art exhibitions "Divine Dialogues", the Museum of Cycladic Art organizes this year, from 20 June to 20 October, a major exhibition titled "Picasso and Antiquity. Line and clay". It is a rare exhibition about Picasso’s ceramics and drawings inspired from antiquity and in conversation with Ancient Greek works of art, curated by Professor of archeology N. C. Stampolidis and Olivier Berggruen

The greatest of twentieth-century modern artists is famous for his spectacular paintings but less for his drawings, engravings, and pottery. The combination of these media closely recalls antiquity and has produced works inspired by the Creto-Mycenaean and Greek worlds and the Mediterranean civilizations in general.

In the exhibition “Picasso and Antiquity. Line and clay” rare works by Picasso, depicting marine creatures, animals, human figures, mythological scenes, and scenes inspired by ancient tragedy and comedy, converse with ancient artefacts in another unique “Divine Dialogue” at the Museum of Cycladic Art.

A whole world is revealed in the Museum of Cycladic Art, a world carried by the artist inside him, a world of antiquities discovered not necessarily in the ancient lands of the Mediterranean but in European museums, in books, and in conversations with Christian Zervos and Jean Cocteau.


Professor N. C. Stampolidis – Olivier Berggruen


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CREDITS {cover image}

1. Clay rhyton in the form of a bull's head (vessel for libations/liquid offerings) c. 1450-1375 BC
Knossos, Little Palace
Archaeological Museum of Herakleion,
© Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports/Archaeological Museum of Herakleion
Photo: Ioannis Papadakis-Ploumidis

4. Pablo Picasso
Bull's head
Vallauris, 12 July 1950
Madrid, Fundacion Almine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso para el Arte
© FABA Photo: Marc Domage

2. Laconian Red Figure pelike, Classical period
410-400 BC
Vourvoura (Analypsi) Kynourias
Athens, National Archaeological Museum
© Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports/ National Archaeological Museum
Photo: Irini Miari

3.Marble statuette of Aphrodite
Athenian Agora
mid-3rd century A.D. Athens
Museum of the Ancient Agora
© Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports/Ephorate of Antiquities of Athens
Photo: Craig Mauzy
(Archive of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens)

5. Pablo Picasso
Spanish plate decorated with an owl
Cannes-Vallauris, 27 March 1957
Red earthenware, slip-painted decoration
Paris, Musee national Picasso
Donated by Pablo Picasso, 1979
© RMN-Grand Palais( Musee national Picasso-Paris)/Gerard Blot

6. Pablo Picasso, Woman
Vallauris 1949, Madrid
Fundacion Almine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso para el Arte
© FABA Photo: Marc Domage

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