How were they made?
Materials and manufacturing techniques of ancient artefacts

Athens, 2015

Nikolas Papadimitriou - Akis Goumas


An illustrated guide to the world of ancient Aegean craftsmen. With the help of detailed drawings and brief texts, the reader can learn about the history of different materials (marble, clay, bronze, gold, glass) and the techniques used in antiquity to produce various types of objects: Cycladic figurines, Classical statues and reliefs, clay vases, bronze tools and weapons, gold ornaments, glass vessels, etc. The booklet has 52 pages, more than 100 colour drawings, and selected bibliography. It summarizes in a comprehensive way the knowledge we have acquired about ancient crafts through the study of ancient sources (texts and images), and modern examination and analyses of ancient artefacts. The book aims at a wide audience, and can be easily read both by kids and adults.


22.5 x 22.5 cm