from 10/2/2012 until 15/3/2012

Beyond White

Photography exhibition by Eugenie Coumantaros


Ιn the little Greece that remains for us, the only thing you can still do is pray to your gods’
Odysseus Elytis, Idiotiki Odos

This “little Greece” that you find in remote island churches on rocky
mountain footpaths is what Eugenie Coumantaros depicts in her collection of 40 photographs entitled "Beyond White".

These photographs will be exhibited at the Museum of Cycladic Art for the first time. The exhibition will run from 10 February until 15 March 2012 in the Stathatos Mansion and is accompanied by a 96-page book in Greek and English.

The exhibition calls upon viewers to recollect their own
experiences while seeing the quintessential Aegean chapel in a new
light. The contemporary rendering of these abstract photographs captures the 'breath of an eternal faith' in a unique and ethereal way, simply and stunningly.

White chapels. Temple, sacred space. Shadows on white, colored light; choices in the frame create a balance between light and shadow such that simple architectural forms converse with the sea, with the sky, with the air. The viewer -depending on his individual experiences and his mood- will discern the variations in the hues of light and take a spiritual journey "Beyond White".


  • Eugenie Coumantaros

    Eugenie Coumantaros studied English Literature at Princeton University with a minor in Photography. Since 1989 she has photographed and written documentary essays for the Greek Press, helped to found Odyssey magazine and produced annual reports and corporate brochures for greek companies. Currently she is working on personal projects in the Aegean: “A Humble Paradise”, a collection of b/w images, was exhibited in Tinos at the Ursuline School, Loutra in 2008 and at the Museum of Marble Crafts in 2009, at the PhotoBiennale 2010 in Thessalonika organized by the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, and in Sparta at the Annex of the National Gallery until the spring of 2012. “Beyond White” is her latest personal project.

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