The three major collections of the MCA (Cycladic Culture, Ancient Greek Art, Cypriot Culture) have been formed through generous donations by important collectors, public and private institutions, as well as anonymous donors. Today, the artifacts that once belonged to separate private collections have been integrated by the museum curators into the corresponding chronological and thematic groups, their provenance being indicated clearly in the label of each object.

Nicholas P. Goulandris Collection (1986)

The Collection, which was formed by Nicholas and Dolly Goulandris starting in the 1960's, includes over 1,100 artifacts from the prehistoric age to the Early Byzantine period. Outstanding among them are 300 objects of Cycladic art, an important assemblage of Geometric vases and jewellery, and a series of excellent Archaic and Classical vases.

The Collection is the backbone of the MCA and is enriched continuously with new acquisitions, donations by Greek collectors and organizations.

Over the years, objects from other private collections have been incorporated in the N.P. Goulandris Collection: L. Eftaxias (donations, 1984, 1986), Th.I. Dragoumis (donation, 1987), L. Spourgitis (donation, 1987), A. Varvitisiotis (donation, 1988), A. Hadjidimos (purchase, 1997), Ch. Bastis (donation, 1997) and others.

Karolos and Rita Politis Collection (1989)

Karolos (Charles) Politis was an avid collector of Greek antiquities. After his death, his widow Rita Politis, fulfilling his express wish, donated the greater part of his collection to the MCA.

Of particular interest among the 128 objects in the Politis Collection are five wonderfully preserved bronze Corinthian helmets, three Bronze Age daggers, superb Geometric and Archaic vases, and clay figurines of different periods.

Rena Evelpidi-Argyropoulou Collection (1989, 1994)

The MCA’s numismatic collection is largely based on donations made by Rena Evelpidi-Argyropoulou, a well-known collector and numismatist, who in 1989 gifted to the MCA 111 coins from the Cycladic islands, and in 1994 a further group of 236 coins from the Ionian islands.

Commercial Bank Collection (1990)

In 1990 the Board of the Commercial Bank decided to purchase 24 objects of Cycladic Culture and to assign them to the MCA as a permanent bequest. Most of the objects, mainly fragments of marble figurines and vases, are part of the so-called “Keros Hoard.”

Academy of Athens Collection (former Amilkas and Irene Alivizatos Collection) (1992)

In 1992, the Academy of Athens assigned on loan to the museum 196 objects from the former Amilkas and Irene Alivizatos Collection. The collection includes Cycladic figurines, exquisite Corinthian vases, a unique series of black-glaze vessels, and a large number of terracotta figurines with excellently preserved coloured decoration.

Thanos N. Zintilis Collection of Cypriot Antiquities (2002)

In 2002, the Cypriot collector Thanos N. Zintilis, with the consent of the Cypriot State, assigned a large portion of his collection to the MCA on long-term loan. More than 800 Cypriot objects gave the MCA the opportunity to set up the first comprehensive collection of Cypriot antiquities in Greece.

The collection, which includes stone figurines, bronze weapons and tools, terracotta figurines, sculptures, glass vases, jewellery, and pottery of all periods, gives an overall picture of the ancient history of Cyprus and its relations with other regions in the Eastern Mediterranean, namely the Aegean, Egypt, Syria, and Asia Minor.

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