Cycladic Café Art Project

Connecting social spaces with art

Socrates Fatouros

  June 9 to August 29 2022 

Socrates Fatouros, Last Night, 2022
66 x 76 cm (each)
liquid polyurethane, bitumen sheets

Socrates Fatouros’ work is centered around a time-based practice, constantly aiming to re-construct our approach towards experiencing and viewing the world and ourselves. He creates palimpsest paintings and sculptures, mnemonic images and fictions that are focused on stories, personal experiences and images from places that can no longer be experienced. Working on their imaginary reconstruction, through sketches and personal notes, as well as through the utilization of materials commonly used for construction purposes such as bitumen sheets and liquid polyurethane, Fatouros engraves a unique form of writing with the use of combustion. After successive chemical interventions the works take their final abstract form or "non-form".

Socrates Fatouros is a visual artist based in Athens. He holds a master’s degree in Athens School of Fine Arts (2017-2019) and he is a graduate with Bachelor studies from Athens School of Fine Arts (2001), and School of Fine Arts of Valencia (1998). He was shortlisted for DESTE Prize 2007 (DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece) and Premio Lissone 2007 (Italy), recommended by Anna Kafetsi, former director of National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST). He was a fellow at Delphi Foundation in Greece and Emma Ricklund Foundation in Sweden as a resident artist for Ricklundgarden Artist Residency, Saxnas (Sweden 2001).

Solo shows: “Teach me Something Wonderful”, Eins Gallery (Cyprus, 2021); “Impressions of the Informel Depictions of an Austere Monumentality”, Nees Morfes (Athens, 2005). Selected groups shows: “Eidyllia Odos”, Technopolis and Contemporary Art Museum of Crete CCA (Athens, Rethymno, 2022); “Personal Mythologies” (2020); “20 For Ever” curated by Dimitrios Antonitsis, Hydra School Projects (Hydra, 2019); “The Poetry of Memory”, Contemporary Art Museum of Crete CCA (Rethymno, 2018); “Impulses of Inalienability”, Eins Gallery (Cyprus, 2018); “Loss”, Hydra School Projects (Hydra, 2018); “Gold und Liebe, Liebe fur Gold”, Haus N Athens (Athens, 2018); “Integral II” curated by Dimitrios Antonitsis, Ileana Tounta CAC (Athens, 2017); “Tender is the night”, CAN gallery (Athens, 2016); “Present”, Dada da Academy Pindaros Hotel (Athens, 2013); “Books Unfolded” (Berlin, 2011); “Nees Morfes 50 years later”, Benaki Museum (Athens, 2009); “Grizo”, Contemporary Art Museum of Crete CCA (Rethymno, 2008).


As part of the Contemporary Art Program, the Museum of Cycladic Art presents the Cycladic Café Art Project connecting social spaces with art. Aiming to embrace both the greek and the international contemporary art scene, the Museum presents works by internationally acclaimed and emerging artists, which relate to current Museum exhibitions and activities. The Cycladic Café Art Project stimulates an intimate dialogue bringing art closer to everyday life.

Curated by: Aphrodite Gonou & Atalanti Martinou


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