Figures made of wire


7-10 YEARS

The “cup-bearer” // Early Cycladic II period (ca.2600 BC) // H. 12.5 cm

The male figurine raises its hand and drinks to the health of its company!

Figures made of wire, and create your own group of people!

The sharing of the experience and the posture of our body in relation to a set of people and various situations are central to this activity. Ask yourself how we communicate with others. How does our posture change depending on the action we are participating in? Or even depending on the relationship we have with a person? Let’s make wire figures and create situations and relationships using our imagination!


1mm gauge wire
Small wire cutter


  1. Take a piece of wire and fold it in half without pressing too hard on the folding point.
  2. To make the head, place two fingers inside the fold and with the other hand twist the two pieces of wire together.
  3. By twisting the wires 2-3 times, the neck is formed.
  4. Shape the shoulders with the wire and fold the remaining wire to form the arms.
  5. When you have finished both sides, join the rest of the leftover wire in the center and then twist the two wires together to make an inverted triangle under the neck.
  6. To create the legs, do exactly what you did for the arms.
  7. Use the wire cutter to cut whichever piece is left over.
  8. Give movement to your figure, by pressing the wire where needed.
  9. Create more figures and start forming a group.
  10. What is the relationship between them? What do they do? What else can you do with your little wire figures?
  11. Add objects, create your background, and place them as you like!

Design: Vivian Emmanouilidou
Video: Efthimis Theodossis
Motion Graphics: Efi Siafa

Special thanks to Natalia Kekkou.