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Jug glass Roman
Flask glass 2nd - 3rd century AD
Askos bronze Early Roman
Amphoriskos glass Roman
Tanagra figurine clay Hellenistic
Grave stele marble Hellenistic
Statuette of Aphrodite marble Late Hellenistic
Figurine of Aphrodite Anadyomene clay 2nd - 1st century BC
Statuette of Asklepios bronze 2nd - 1st century BC
Spiral finger ring gold Hellenistic
Pair of earrings gold, garnet Hellenistic
"West slope" kantharos clay Hellenistic
Tanagra figurine clay Hellenistic
Statue of a boy marble Early Hellenistic
Unguentarium clay Early Hellenistic
Seated "Tanagra" figurine clay Early Hellenistic
Tanagra figurine clay Early Hellenistic
Grave stele marble Late Classical
Fragment of a grave stele marble Late Classical
Relief fragment marble Late Classical
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