Stathatos Mansion


Its entrance is at the junction of Vasilissis Sofias and Irodotou 1 streets, but it is also accessible via the Neophytou Douka building. The building hosts the Museum’s temporary exhibitions and is also open to the public as an architectural landmark.

The Stathatos Mansion was initially built in 1895 to accommodate the bourgeois Otto and Athena Stathatos family, remaining in their possession until 1938. It, then, periodically hosted foreign diplomatic missions. In 1982, it was purchased by the Hellenic State Company and was restored by architect P. Kalligas to be used as a guest house for official state guests. For various reasons, this plan was never implemented and in 1991 the building was granted to the Museum to fulfill its growing exhibition needs. In 2001, the Hellenic Republic decided to extend the building’s use to the N.P. Goulandris Foundation for another 50 years.