Reinventing museums and their evolving role in physical and mental wellbeing


OCTOBER 5 2023, 19:00

The prevalence of mental and physical chronic diseases is increasing globally. In addition, the changing demographics towards an aging population pose a challenge to health care systems since aging is associated with a decrease in physical and mental capacity and an increased risk of developing disease. Museums may be integrated into the lifestyle of patients suffering from chronic conditions due to their value in offering non-pharmacological therapeutic methods to improve the patient’s experience with disease.

The interactive environment of museums may have positive health outcomes not only for patients with chronic diseases but also for improving the physical and mental well-being of elderly and younger populations. This lecture explores recent literature investigating the effects of art-based museum interventions on (a) patients with chronic diagnoses associated with mental health and/or physical impairment such as dementia, drug addiction and cancer, (c) hospitalized patients and (b) the wellbeing of young and elderly populations.

Recent studies will also be discussed which provide evidence that museum art-based interventions may be integrated as part of the non-pharmacological management of patients suffering from chronic disorders and hospitalized patients as well as for improving the well-being of younger and elderly populations.

*The lecture will be held in Greek.

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Dr Constantina Constantinou

Associate Professor of Cancer Biology at the University of Nicosia Medical School

Dr Ioanna Hadjicosti

Director of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation
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