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NOVEMBER 18, 2023

yp kids workshop

On Weekends… children and parents at the Museum

This year, the Museum’s children’s program draws inspiration from both ancient and modern team games, engaging them in experimentation, learning, and creative activities.

In the workshops, the children become art explorers! They travel through time, discovering the magical treasures of great artists, observing magnificent works of art, and exploring the key periods of contemporary art!

For parents and children ages 2-4 years old

Merry-go-round…“Musical Chairs!”


This month, music will set the tone for our games. From intense and slow tunes to those that are both funny and serious, with drums, handclaps and even our whole bodies in motion! Our favorite Musical Chairs and Statues (Red Light, Green Light) are some of the games we will play. You’ll find out the rest in person!

And after our hands and feet are “on fire” from dancing, we’ll unwind by playing with clay, shaping it into musical animals. Our inspiration comes from the rattles of ancient times and the water whistles found in our folk tradition. Parents and children will squeeze, shape, pinch and create our own unique musical instruments in the form of animals.

Let’s dance and bring music to life!

Let’s play and run together!
PS. Both parents and children need to wear casual and comfy clothes and be ready to get messy, as we will definitely get messy!
Led by Developmental Psychologist, Despoina Sakellariou.
Ticket 15€ (for 1 child and 1 parent)

For more information you may contact us via e-mail at or

For children ages 4-7 years old

Discovering great contemporary artists  “Abstract expressionism Jackson Pollok Giant sculptures in a colorful dance”


Have you ever seen a park full of sculptures? Huge sculptures hidden among trees, on slopes, and amidst flower-filled bushes.

Our inspiration for this workshop comes from the Louisiana Museum in Copenhagen. Sculpture blends with the basic artistic elements of abstract expressionism and its primary representative, Jackson Pollock. Using various recyclable materials, children will create three-dimensional sculptures and decorate them by playing around with colors! In this workshop, be ready to get a little messy!

At the end of the workshop, we invite you to explore our own sculpture “park”!

PS.1: Children need to wear casual and comfy clothes and be ready to get messy, as we will definitely get messy!
PS.2: The workshop is intended for unaccompanied children. Parents can only enter the workshop during the presentation at the end of the workshop.
Led by Educators and Museum Educators, Fotini Gkountopoulou and Chrysavgi Georgari
Ticket 15€

For more information you may contact us via e-mail at or


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