Matisse's Garden – Greek Edition


One day, the French artist Henri Matisse cut a small bird out of a piece of paper. It looked lonely all by itself, so he cut out more shapes to join it. Before he knew it, Matisse had transformed his walls into larger-than-life gardens, filled with brightly colored plants, animals, and shapes of all sizes! Featuring cut-paper illustrations and interactive foldout pages, Matisse’s Garden is the inspiring story of how the artist’s never-ending curiosity helped turn a small experiment into a radical new form of art.


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Material: Paper
Dimensions: 30,5 cm x  23,5 cm
ISBN: 9789602043462
Author: Σαμάνθα Φρίντμαν Απόδοση: Χρήστος Μπουλώτης
Pages: 60


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