One of the most identifiable symbols of happiness worldwide is the Smiley Face which was, designed by Harvey Ball and is comprised of a yellow circle denoting a humanoid head, with two black dots and a black line that serves as eyes and mouth. This face is printed on the front side of the Cycladic hoodie. The design of the Cycladic Smiley Face (Cycladic Happy Face) follows the form of the classic smiley with the eyes and mouth replaced with elements from the Cycladic shop logo. The left eye is smaller than the right one, following Ball’s original version. This new symbol proposes a Cycladic symbol happiness through one of the most recognizable symbols of happiness in popular culture today. The text Have a Cycladic Day, found at the back side of the hoodie, follows the font and curved shape of the common Have a Nice Day supermarket and deli plastic bags that are popular in the States and especially in New York city.