Pendant "Muse with Lyre"


Gold plated pendant with a Muse holding a lyre.

Nine Nymphs, daughters of Zeus and the titanic Mnemosyne (Memory), who roamed the Pieria mountains and Parnassus enchanted by the sounds of the lyre of Apollo Musagetis. Each of them was a patron of an artistic activity. Erato, as the patroness of love (as her name suggests) and marriage, is associated with love and lyric poetry. Because of her association with love, she is often depicted naked holding her symbol: a lyre.

“And now Muse Erato, come to us and tell us how Jason brought the golden Fleece from his suitor to Medea because you have the graces of Cyprid Venus and bring magic to unmarried girls.”

1-5 Argonauts Book C.


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Material: Gold plated bronze


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