Okok – Wall Shelf


1 Piece

There is something playful about this architectonic alphabet evoking tiles, arches and plateaux in a language that weaves into the domestic landscape through a series of hybrid modules that adapt to a great variety of configurations.

Fun blocks to fix to a wall or ceramic bases to set down and position as you want, with endless possibilities of uses and compositions.

The different models can be mixed and matched, for infinite pleasure configuring and reconfiguring them.

Created in 2007 by Baptiste Ymonet and Vincent Jousseaume, Atelier Polyhedre is at the frontiers of the visual and decorative arts through an experimental and artisanal approach to ceramics, notions of objects and environments.


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Material: Clay
Dimensions: 15 × 15 × 10 cm
Designer: Atelier Polyhedre


Delivery time: 1-5 days
Returns: 14 days

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