Is it a Man or a Violin?


Is it a man or a violin?
a modern eye on Cycladic sculpture.

The book was written to acquaint readers of all ages with the Cycladic sculpture (Greece, 3200-2000 BC) and its relation to Modern Art. As the title suggests, the book is based on the questions and comments that children often make when they encounter “the little marble statues” for the first time in their museum visits.


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Material: Paper
Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm
ISBN: 978-960-471-084-3
Author: Μαρίνα Πλατή – Ελένη Μάρκου
Pages: 70
Illustrator: Χαρά Μαραντίδου
Designer: Museum of Cycladic Art & Kaleidoscope publications


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