Bottle of oil in front of an olive sculpture
Bottle of oil in front of an olive sculpture

Eleagnos® Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Eleagnos® is a unique organic certified therapeutic early harvest extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. It is produced in the Cyclades, in limited production, in collaboration with the Department of Biology of the University of Patras, Greece.

Eleagnos® a combination of the Greek words “Elaion” meaning oil and “Agnos” meaning pure, virgin, untainted. Produced from hand-picked, organically grown, freshly pressed olives, early harvested on Antiparos (a beautiful small island in the Cyclades, where the Greek sunny climate conditions ensure this excellent result.)

Eleagnos® health-enhancing properties

The therapeutic quality of Eleagnos® is due to its high level of the polyphenols “oleocanthal” and “oleacein”. The high content of chlorophyll found in the young olives gives Eleagnos® its distinctive luminous green color. Eleagnos® has been credited with significant anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardio-protective and neuro-protective properties (European Regulation 432/2012).

Eleagnos® Awards and distinctions

During the last five years, Eleagnos® extra virgin olive oil has won more than 40 international distinctions for its quality and health-protective ingredients.

In 2022 it received the Gold Health Claim Award in London IOOC and the Gold Standard of Excellence from the Olympia Health & Nutrition Awards Committee.

In 2021 it received the highest international award in London (PLATINUM AWARD) for its health-protective characteristics and 5 gold awards concerning its quality and taste.

Eleagnos® Philosophy 

Once harvested, the young olives are crushed within a few hours to preserve their organoleptic properties (grassiness, bitterness, and pungency).

The ability to combine its complex aromas and flavors with its therapeutic properties has made organic early harvest Eleagnos® the choice of top chefs and health-conscious consumers.


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Dimensions: 250 ml


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Returns: 14 days

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