set of playmobils alexander the great
set of playmobils alexander the great
set of playmobils alexander the great

Alexander the Great – Playmobil


Alexander the Great King of Macedonia from PLAYMOBIL with his black horse Bucephalus as well as a spear, helmet, pillars and other accessories.

Accompany Alexander the Great, one of the most famous kings of all time, on his campaign against the Persians. Alexander, son of King Philip II and Queen Olympias, was born in the mid-4th century BC. Born in Pella. After his father’s murder, Alexander became King of Macedonia at just 20 years old. Two years later, with a small force but a brilliant strategy, he launched an incredible campaign against the Persians. After several victories and continuous campaigns that took him to the depths of Asia, Alexander fell seriously ill and died at the age of 32 in 323 BC. BC in Babylon. Start exciting role-playing adventures with the PLAYMOBIL Alexander the Great play set. The 26-piece toy set includes Alexander the Great, his horse Bucephalus, three spears, two pillars with braziers, a helmet and other extras. A great gift or souvenir for history-loving children ages 4 and up.


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