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Young Friends

Young Friends of MCA enjoy a curated program of monthly events in the Μuseum and in the city. The annual subscription for members up to 40 years old supports the Museum and its initiatives.

The Young Friends of MCA continue to stand by us and it is for that reason that a new urban program full of original events is now available. A program made for all of us who believe that a Museum is a space as live and evolving as the city in which it belongs.

Theatre performances, unexpected talks, lives, original walks, movie screenings and many more events happening in the Museum and around the city every month, curated from us especially for you!

Because in the Museum of Cycladic Art we value our Friends!




▪️ Crete University Press 
“From the travel records of 18th century wanderers, to the stories of contemporary travelers”

▪️ Museum of Cycladic Art
“Art and Thought Post Crisis”


Nikos Erinakis | Poet, Dr. of Political Science and Aesthetics 
George Tzirtzilakis | Associate Professor at the department of Architecture Engineering, University of Thessaly and Art counselor at DESTE Foundation 

▪️ Outdoor event {venue: TBA}

Talk with the architect Stelios Kois


Georgis Grigorakis

Movie «C»

Female marble statues, the most representative objects of the Cycladic Civilization (3200-2000 BC), are among the earliest depictions of humans. Their simplicity and abstraction inspired the imagination of many renowned modern artists and sculptors. “C” is a video sculpture inspired by Cycladic Art , which is about She, about Sea and about how we See. It explores the relationship between the artist and their creation, stillness and movement, and between ancient and modern, surrounded by the hyper-real seascapes of the Aegean.



National Theatre of Greece | “ Wake up Vassilis”

Guided tour at the National Theater building and conversation with the protagonists

Kefallinias Street Theatre | “The Glass Menagerie”

Discussion with the protagonists

Katerina Vassilakou Theatre | “The Comedy of Errors”

Discussion with the protagonists


Yiorgos Kaloudis
Recital “Innovating Tradition” 
Museum of Cycladic Art


Yiorgos Kaloudis is a cellist, Cretan lyra performer, improviser, composer, cello professor at the Athenaeum Conservatory, in Athens, and producer at the DNA Classical Label. He performs his recitals “Innovating Tradition” and the “J.S.BACH: Cello Suites on the Cretan Lyra, in concert halls, archaeological monuments, churches and museums around the world.

Y.Kaloudis with the title “Cretan Lyra in the Western European Music”, analysing the 12 years of study and research upon the J.S.BACH Cello Suites on the Cretan Lyra.

▪️ MCA Friends ▪️

The Museum of Cycladic Art stands as a meeting point among past, present & future. Although  its initial vision have been to study, collect and exhibit the findings of ancient cultures of the Aegean and Cyprus, with special emphasis on Cycladic Art of the 3rd millennium BC. , over the course of time, the Museum has become a  transcending cultural institution with exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, educational programs and communal initiatives.

The needs and social vibes of the city have always been at the center of our cultural interest, since it is our belief that a Museum is something more than a space of exhibiting objects. It is rather a space of innovative ideas and continuous improvement. And it is here where yesterday’s history meets with the current state of everyday life and the potentialities of tomorrow.

The Friends of MCA share our vision and thanks to their constant contribution to the Museum the conservation of our permanent collections, the production of temporary exhibitions and the organization of educational programs for children, adults and vulnerable social groups, are made possible.

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