DΙΥ Cyanotype Kit – Fabric


With this kit you can make blue sun prints on fabric at home! Whatever your creative taste is, you can make a blueprint of it: use photo’s, objects or drawings. You don’t need any experience, technical devices or even a camera. The kit contains everything you need and you don’t even have to give up your bathroom to create a darkroom 😉 The mix you make will allow you to give fabric a photographic surface, sensitive to UV-light. A reaction will take place between the treated fabric and the sun: where the sun hits the treated fabric it turns blue, unreached areas will remain white. Contents of the kit:– Step by step instructions especially suited for working on fabric, instructions in English, French, German, Dutch. Working on fabric has some different needed tips & tracks comparing with working on paper

– 2 bottles of 250ml of photo agents, ready to mix into 500ml end mix

– 1 linnen tote bag 38x42cm

– 1 cotton pillowcase with zipper 40x40cm

– 2 cotton napkins 40x40cm

– test pieces of all three types of fabric stated above

– 2 sets of gloves, ladies and mens size

– 5 transparant sheets, suitable for an inkjetprinter

– 1 rectangular rinsing tray

– 1 measuring cylinder 100ml

– 1 mixing container and roller

– black and transparant paper as aids

– 1 stirrer

There is enough mix for the fabric in the kit, and more to keep experimenting on your own items, T-shirt anyone? And the only thing you need to add is regular tapwater, the sun and your creativity!

This technique is called Cyanotype and was discovered in 1842. It’s one of the first steps towards the enormous amount of photographic discoveries made in the 19th century. Leading up to your very digital camera now.I love photography, always have. With this kit I would love to ignite the wonder of what it’s like to see an image appear before your eyes.

Did you know that, from Greek, ‘photography’ means ‘writing with light’?I say, go capture the sun!


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Υλικό: Χαρτί


Χρόνος παράδοσης: 1-5 ημέρες
Επιστροφές: 14 ημέρες

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