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    Explore, taste and feel the carefreeness of vintage summer days in a small family village in the island of Crete during the 1980s. Inspiring, joyful and nostalgic this little book of stories travels the reader to the easy and relaxing family summer days underlining Cretan tradition and the ethics of the era, through the eyes and the youthful impulse of a 12 year old girl. 

    Smell the figs, lose your breath skidding down rural farmers paths and feel the mountain breeze. Bake bread, or welcome the guests and become part of the big feast preparations. Or secretly maybe fall in love. Mostly daydream and connect with the big boisterous family soirees surrounded with all kinds of stories, fresh fruit and iced home made raki.”
    “August Fifteenth”  is a journal of daily summer moments  in rural Crete accompanied with colorful drawings, leaving free space for mind wondering and day dreaming.
    A bedside table reading to sweet dreams.

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  • Αuthor Agapi Kefalogianni
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