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    Recent developments in the archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean

    A detailed overview of the ancient history of Cyprus, from the earliest human presence on the island (11thmillennium BC) to the dissolution of city-kingdoms (4th c. BC). The volume is written mostly in Greek, with extensive English summaries and
    reviews. It is based on lectures made at the MCA in 2014-15 for the “Cyprus Seminar”, and contains 16 texts by specialists in Cypriot archaeology, rich colour illustration, timelines, maps and updated
    bibliography. Authors: N. Efstratiou, O. Kouka, G. Georgiou, D. Pilides, L. Kassianidou, G. Papasavvas, N. Papadimitriou, M. Iacovou, E. Raptou, Y. Violaris-E. Stefani, M. Hadjicosti, M.G. Amadasi Guzzo, S.
    Demestricha, E. Markou, J. Webb, N. Kourou.

    Nikolas Papadimitriou, Maria Tolis

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    Cycladic Art Foundation &
    'House of Cyprus' - Cultural and Educational Office of the Embassy of the Republic
    of Cyprus in Greece

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  • Age Athens 2017, Museum of Cycladic Art
  • Pages 336, with 260 illustrations
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