• € 340
  • Description

    Round ring made with the ancient technique of filigree.

    For the past few years Christina Soubli has become known for her unique filigree work. 

    The art of filigree in jewel making dates back to ancient times and 1000 B.C., where the Phoenician, the Etruscan and the Greek goldsmiths of the time hand crafted jewellery by creating and twisting together fine threads of precious metal. 

    Christina, with her feminine creativity has managed to interpret filigree in an utterly contemporary manner, maintaining the exact traditional process and technique from ancient times.

    Collection: Basics. A collection inspired by the three basic shapes: the circle, the square and the triangle. 

  • Design Christina Soubli
  • Material Gold 18Κ
  • Code 48314/0000
  • Dimensions 2 cm
  • Quantity