The little house in the Museum | for children 2 - 3,5 years old

The little house in the Museum

This year our workshop is transformed into a little house with many rooms... Each month the door opens onto a new space that awaits exploration and games. We wander from the bathroom to the garage, from the living room to the storeroom, from the nursery to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the garden. We explore the treasures hidden in each room and draw inspiration from the materials we all have in our homes and use daily. 

Daddy’s shaving foam leaves the bathroom cupboard and is used for colourful mosaics. Vegetables begin to dance leaving traces everywhere. Granny’s yarns are dipped in paint, and the old clothes that were stored away in the basement are transformed into original carpets! And, of course, there is storytelling. Frogs, and mice, and young heroes, and old ladies who knit, mischievous foxes, and naughty piglets, they all visit our little house in the Museum and tell their story. 

This workshop stimulates the senses of both children and parents, sparks the children’s imagination and perception, introduces them to art, and contributes to the development of fine motor and social skills. It also offers parents and children time together to explore the joy of play, music, and movement, the peace of listening to stories together, and the pleasure of creating together and expressing themselves through art.

Welcome to our little house!


Antonia Velliou

Story teller 


Despoina Sakellariou

Developmental psychologist  



Living Room – Flying on a magic carpet

During the holidays the whole family gathers in the living room. So will we in out little housein the Museum.

In this holiday workshop we decorate our Christmas tree and then sit around it and listen to a Christmas story that excites our imagination and takes us on a journey across myth on a magic carpet.

Then, back in our living room, we play with cushions, roll under chairs and tables, dance with our shadows, and finally create our own magic carpet.

Circles, beads, textiles, sequins, and many other materials fill the floor and our work of art.
Parents and children draw, choose their materials, and combine them to create patterns. All of this helps children exercise their fine motor skills, coordinate their eyes and hands, create shapes, and slowly acquire a vocabulary to describe their work.

Let’s fly together! 

P.S. Parents and children, please wear comfortable, casual clothes and be ready to get dirty, because we will surely get dirty! 

Sunday2/12, 11:30-13:00

Saturday 8/12, 11:00-12:30 

Saturday 15/12, 11:00-12:30

For children aged 2-3.5 years / Presence of parent required

Ticket: €15

Friends of MCA:
€12 (1 child/member,
membership card required at ticket booth)

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Information – Reservations:
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