Cycladic Café Project


>> An ongoing project at the Museum’s cafe, in which renowned Greek Photographers show their work.

Gerasimos Rigas, director and photographer inaugurates the project with two pieces inspired by the female figurine in the Cycladic rocks.


Gerasimos Rigas studied photography and history of filmmaking at UC Berkeley.  Rigas has directed four critically acclaimed films: "Habits""Parvas", "100" and “Black Box” which screened at several film festivals around the world, like the Torino Film Festival, San Francisco International Film Festival, Crossing Europe Film Festival, Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

For this photographic series, shot in the Cyclades, Rigas photographed the human body in the landscape with a wide-angle lens, close to the body allowing his camera to merge the female form and the landscape in bold and unexpected ways. The forms bring to mind schematic representations of the female body in the Early Cycladic culture (3200-2000 BC) like in the violin-shaped figurines.

These schematic figurines are named for their form, which recalls that of a violin and they are the commonest type of the period's schematic figurines (see violin-shaped figurines in Showcase 3 of the first  floor Permanent Collection).


Aphrodite Gonou 

Atalanti Martinou