Travels in Time

For children ages 4-5


Travels in Time
Paleolithic Period - Cave Painting
Saturday 23/10, 11:00-13:00 and Sunday 31/10, 11:30-13:30

This year’s workshop opens with a heartwarming tale of friendship. A boy, a castaway on an island, meets Hom. Hom is different. He teaches him, they play together, and become friends. What happens next? Find out when you come to the workshop. Together, we will learn how people painted in caves during the Paleolithic Period. We will look at pictures from the Cave of the Hands and the Cave of the Beasts. When our journey is over, we will retreat back to our own cave and paint under candlelight. But we will not stop there. We will make our own colors the way that cave people did and paint our works onto unique surfaces.
The workshop celebrates the book Hom: The Best of Friends, the Last of His Kind by Jeanne Willis and Paddy Donnelly. 

Get ready for a different kind of journey! 
P.S.: Children should wear comfortable, casual clothes and be prepared to get messy!


Ticket Price: 12€ (for 1 child and 1 parent)
Maximum number of children: 15
Information: Τ: 210 7294220, Monday – Friday: 10:00-13:00

Only for Greek-speaking children.

Taught by
Despoina Sakellariou, Developmental Psychologist 



The Museum of Cycladic Art adheres to all protective measures and rules to prevent and protect against COVID-19, and all Museum staff members have been vaccinated. In addition, the Museum received the SGS DISINFECTION MONITORED CLEANING CHECK MARK, which verifies that all cleaning and disinfecting procedures are completed to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19 in all of its premises. 

• Children, parents, or accompanying adults should carry a vaccination certificate (with the final dose administered at least 14 days prior) or COVID certificate (up to 6 months after the diagnosis). For identification purposes, you will need to carry your ID card or passport.
• Children ages 4-11 must provide a copy of a self-test administered in the last 24 hours prior to participating in any workshop.
• When entering the Museum from Neophytou Douka Street, children and parents must wear masks and have their temperatures taken.
• It is mandatory for children to wear a mask during any workshop. 

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