Certify of Disinfection Procedures from SGS

To prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19

With a sense of responsibility toward the public and its employees, the Museum of Cycladic Art collaborated with SGS, an inspection, certification, and verification company, to implement a program validating the effectiveness and proper application of all cleaning and disinfection procedures (including those for the SARS-CoV2/Covid-19 virus). The SGS Disinfection Monitored Service is particularly applicable to organizations whose activities relate to gatherings with large numbers of people. The Museum of Cycladic Art implemented the program in its spaces (exhibition halls, offices, educational program spaces, Cycladic Shop, Cycladic Café, entrances, etc.) to ensure its smooth, safe operation, and it received the required “special mark” of approval issued by SGS.

According to MCA Executive Director Eugenia Christodoulakos:

In these difficult times, the SGS Disinfection Monitored Service enables us to ensure the safety of our visitors, customers, and employees as we validate the effectiveness and integrity of all the cleaning and disinfecting procedures we use. All our spaces are now certified, providing safety to our visitors, from the children who attend our programs to the companies that choose us for their events. We are incredibly grateful to SGS for this service that enables us to continue our work and activities smoothly.

According to SGS Greece CEO Alexandros Michael:

Faced with an unprecedented pandemic, our goal is to make people feel safe. At SGS, we utilize 150 years of expertise and reliability to develop a package of services geared toward helping organizations cope safely and effectively with these extremely demanding new conditions. We are particularly happy with our collaboration with the Museum of Cycladic Art and are certain that ensuring the right procedures will contribute to the safe operation of the museum.

The SGS Disinfection Monitored Service checks the completeness of all the cleaning and disinfection procedures and verifies their correct application by taking samples from cleaned and disinfected surfaces. Once the process is successfully completed, the special mark validating the program is awarded, increasing both the employees’ and the public’s safety.

SGS is the largest inspection, supervision, verification, laboratory analysis, and certification company worldwide, with a presence in over 150 countries with 2,600 offices and laboratories and a workforce of over 94,000 employees. Active in Greece since 1933, SGS provides high-quality services across a whole range of industries, companies, and organizations.

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