Time Extension of the exhibition Brice Marden and Greek Antiquity | Until October 3, 2022

The Brice Marden and Greek Antiquity exhibition organized by the Museum of Cycladic Art in close collaboration with the artist and the curator and artist Dimitrios Antonitsis, is extended until October 3, 2022. In his first museum exhibition to be held in Greece, the renowned American artist presents his work in dialogue with selected antiquities from the permanent collections of the Museum of Cycladic Art.

The exhibition features 44 drawings, paintings, marble paintings and notebooks that showcase a wide range of his artistic output, revealing his keen eye, abstract gaze and resonance with the metaphysics of ancient Greek heritage. His works are presented in dialogue with 16 antiquities selected by the curator in liaison with the artist.

In a career spanning six decades, Marden continues to fascinate viewers with the gestural simplicity of his paintings and drawings. His work draws from art’s long history, combining elements of Minimalism, Abstract Expressionism, as well as ancient calligraphy and poetry. For more than fifty years, the artist has drawn inspiration from the Greek landscape and antiquity. His relationship with Greece dates back to 1971 when he first traveled to Hydra with his wife Helen, also a painter. Enchanted by the  light and transformed by the “art of older civilizations”, they bought a house there two years later. They have since spent a portion of almost every summer there together. The purity of Hydra’s landscape deeply affected Marden, who draws inspiration from observing nature.

The 16 antiquities on display alongside Marden’s works were selected by the curator, in collaboration with the artist, from the Museum’s collections of Cycladic, Cypriot and ancient Greek art. Intended for daily, ritual or funerary use, these clay, marble and gold items span from the late 4th millennium BC to Byzantine times.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue in English and Greek.

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