«Playing with rhythm»


In this year’s workshops rhythm sets the pace and we follow.

Games with sounds, stories with different rhythms, music from around the world, rhythmic bodily movement, and artwork that involves movement and rhythm comprise this year’s series of workshops.

Parents and children experiment with different sounds, play with materials to create rhythmical compositions, and participate in storytelling by keeping the rhythm.

This workshop activates the senses of children and parents alike, enhances the imagination and perception of our little visitors, helps develop their finer skills, familiarizes them with art, and helps them socialize. It also offers parents and children time together to explore the joy of play, music, and movement, the peace of listening to stories together, and the pleasure of creating together and expressing themselves artistically.


Antonia Velliou

Story teller 


Despoina Sakellariou

Developmental psychologist  



Tra-la-la-tra-la tra-la-la-tra-la...
Music and colour! 
Sunday 8 and Sunday 15 October 11.30-13.00

► Once upon a time, in the land of colour, a battle broke out about who would lead. The colours became a smudge, and the sky got angry and wanted to erase them all, which, fortunately, did not happen, so our world still has colours, and we can play with them!

In this workshop, using the tale of colours and the works of Jackson Pollock and Wassily Kandinsky, we play with colours and music. We let our bodies follow rhythms from around the world and our hands draw jazzy lines, form classical shapes, and paint punk colours. We play with our fingers, brushes, sponges, and watercolours, let ourselves follow the rhythm. We draw sitting down, kneeling, and standing up to create, in the end, our own story.

In our first workshop, parents and children understand the real meaning of the phrase “It’s the process that counts, not the result.” The participants have more fun discovering different ways of using paint than seeing the end result of their effort. They play, splash around, stick their hands in paint, and enthusiastically gaze at the results of their actions!

Come play with us and with the rhythm of colours! 

P.S. Parents and children should wear comfortable, casual clothes and get ready to get dirty, because we will get dirty!

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Monday – Friday: 10:00-13:00