«Nomads – Worldwide Wanderers»


From the Mongolian tundra to the Sahara desert, from the plains of Oklahoma to the mountains of Afganistan, from Mount Pindos to Tasmania, from antiquity to this day. 

In this year’s workshop we will wander to all of these places with the world’s nomads.
We will follow their caravans, set up their tents, listen to their stories and music, learn about their way of life and traditions.

Nomadic lifestyles and customs will inspire us to make models, tents, sculptures, caravans, decorations, weavings, and much more. We will examine their motifs, observe their techniques, understand their secret messages, and use them all to create our own art.

On this journey we will not leave the parents behind. At the end of each workshop they will assist us in an activity. 

Come wander with us along the ways of the nomads!


Antonia Velliou

Despoina Sakellariou

Developmental psychologist 


Τ: 210 7294220
Monday – Friday: 10:00-13:00