Floating Museum


The passenger vessel ‘Neraida’ was built as ‘Laurana’ in 1939 at the Cantieri Navali Del Quarnaro Shipyards in the then Italian city of Fiume (today Rijeka, Croatia). Ten years later, she was purchased by John Latsis and, after restoration works, she was routed in the Argosaronic Gulf line, renamed ‘Neraida’ (which means fairy in Greek). This route, that included Aegina, Methana, Poros, Hydra, Hermioni and Spetses, was serviced for about 25 years, carrying locals and tourists. In 1974 the vessel was retired. 

Refurbishment work was completed in 2010 and the vessel returned to the Greek waters. It is now berthed at Flisvos Marina as a floating museum, showing the history of the boat and its ship owner, Giannis Latsis.