from 1/10/1997 until 1/11/1997

Pre - Colombian Art & Ceramics

Colombia: World Heritage Sites


The Museum of Cycladic Art in collaboration with the Republic of Columbia presented this exhibition on Pre-Columbian Art and Ceramics. The pieces in this exhibit oriented around the concept of power and its associated theories of authority, domination, and leadership.

The exhibit was organized into four parts. These four sections are themes that pay tribute to ceramic production; they are spirit, materials, time, and space. Spirit is expressed by a variety of elements that confer authority, leadership, and power on a piece. These included seated postures, ornaments, headdresses, and jewellery. The materials are augmented by a variety of tracings, embossed figures, incisions, and colors. The distinction between the hieratic and movement defines our belief of time. An expression of movement in a piece is anecdotal and earthly. A hieratic piece reveals permanence and universality. A ceramic piece occupies space, but the way in which it does so is the final section of the exhibit.

The pieces in the exhibit were from many of the Pre-Columbian cultures of Columbia. These include the Calima, the Corinto Cuaca, the Chimila, the Muiscas, the Guanes, the Narino, the Quimbaya, the culture around the Magdalena River, the Sinu, the Tayrona, and the Tumaco.

Our thanks to the Presidency of the Republic of Columbia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Columbian to Greece, the University of Athens, the Athens Hilton Hotel, and the Columbian Federation of Coffee Growers.

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