from 1/10/1990 until 1/3/1991

Cycladic Culture

Naxos in the 3rd millennium BC


The first temporary archaeological exhibition organized by the Museum of Cycladic Art. It included findings from Naxos, the largest island of the Cyclades, with a significant contribution to the development of the Cycladic civilization.

The cultural background of the island emerged through objects from four museum (Naxos, Apeiranthos, Milos and the National Archaeological Museum of Athens), from the Neolithic period until the pick of the Cycladic civilization (3rd millennium BC).

The geomorphology and climate of the island, obsidian trade, crafting and distribution of copper and marble objects, are some of the factors that made Naxos one of the major centers of the Cycladic civilization.

Vases of marble and clay, tools and weapons of obsidian and copper, and of course the famous marble figurines were presented in scientific substantiated and comprehensible sections.


Lila Marangou
Professor of Archaeology, University of Athens


Museum of Cycladic Art

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