Virtual Tour at the Museum of Cycladic Art

Seniors will "live" the experience of a visit at the Museum via a VR tour at the Cycladic Art Collection

The Museum of Cycladic Art, in collaboration with seveneleven, for a second year, is standing next to the people who are not able to visit it in the context of Museum's community program "Wise Friends at the Museum”. 

This year, for the first time, MCA offers guided tours via VR technology in 12 non-profit caring homes in Attica. 


A VR application that invites seniors to “live” the experience of a visit at the Museum, to participate in a guided tour in Cycladic Art Collection as well as “to travel” for a while across Cyclades by bringing them in touch with both sea and islands.
On the second - out of three - visit to each caring home, the seniors will, by using virtual reality glasses, take a 4-minute tour at the Museum, giving another dimension to their daily lives.

Designed by: 2MONOCHANNELS

Both the use of virtual reality in caring homes, and the offering of virtual reality glasses, comes with the valuable support of efood.


Till today, over 400 seniors have participated, 85% of whom suffered from some form of dementia. The purpose of the workshops is not only to entertain the seniors who live in caring homes and are not able to visit the Museum, but also to promote their experiential connection with Cycladic culture.
Based on seveneleven's 2018 experience, virtual reality offers a new form of entertainment to those who live with some form of dementia, while, at the same time, according to some researches, the sensory experience it offers, seems to limit symptoms such as stress, anxiety and confusion.


"Wise Friends at the Museum" was launched in 2016 with the support of TIMA Foundation and it is addressed to people over the age of 65. Up until today, it has hosted more than 6.000 seniors to the Museum through organized group visits. During the 2017-2018 period, the program was supported by the Young Patrons of the Museum. In 2019 the program is expanded, partnering again with TIMA Foundation and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.


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