Family Programms

From October to May, every weekend is an opportunity for children and their parents to engage with the Museum through interactive tours and make their own artworks taking part in art and other creative workshops.

Information - Reservations: Τ. 210 7294220
Monday - Friday: 10:00 – 13:00

  • 2-3,5 years old | for kids and parents

    Parents and children will wander through the magical worlds of fairy tales, they will get to know the animals before they become as we know them today. They will see them transform and, in the end, they will be inspired to create works with original materials.

  • 4-5 years old

    Every month kids will explore and discover a different art movement. The children will come into contact with the main representatives of each movement, and their most famous works.

  • 5-7 & 7-10 years old

    Through the use of games, construction and experimentation kids will learn about the magical world of photography. We will create the first camera (camera obscura), we will play with light and shadow, we will be transformed and we will transform our experiences into images.

  • 6 - 12 years old | for kids and parents

    Kids and Parents will have the chance to discover the Museum’s collections through an interactive tour as well as through educational activities inside the Museum’s halls.


Educational Programms Department
Τ: 210 7294220, Monday-Friday: 10:00-13:00