Museum Kits: Nutrition in ancient Greece

«Nutrition in ancient Greece» is the new educational Museum kit with the aim to travel throughout schools in Greece and abroad.

Nutrition in ancient Greece

«Nutrition in ancient Greece» is the new educational Museum kit created by the Museum of Cycladic Art with the kind sponsorship of E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. with the aim to travel throughout schools in Greece and abroad. The Ancient Greek Diet Educational Museum Kit is aimed at students of all educational levels, it provides information on the eating habits of the ancient Greeks  and Romans through texts and images, educational games and suggestions for activities.

Teachers can use the utensils and textile provided to recreate the feeling of an ancient kitchen in the classroom. By using the materials included in the museum kit along with playing  games such as the twister game «Balancing on Food» and discussing what foods are essential for a healthy diet, children will understand the importance of a healthy breakfast. 

By processing the casts of utensils, which are official copies of artifacts from the Collections of Ancient Greek Art of the Museum of Cycladic Art, children will discover the eating habits, the food sources, the role of food in social life as well as a variety of recipes and favorite foods from ancient Athens and Rome.

Teachers can invite students to create a healthy weekly dietary menu to follow at home, to design a  story telling dice game using printed materials like trivial pursuit with their imagination and to recreate cookie recipes with their parents or fellow students.

The kit contains:


How can you borrow a Museum Kit?

The Museum kits are offered free of charge for a brief period of time.

The shipment of the Museum Kit and associated costs are borne by the schools.

In order to make the necessary arrangements, teachers should contact the: Department of Educational Programmes
T. +30 210 7239438.

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Organization of educational materials-texts-events: Marina Plati-Eleni Markou
Hara Marantidou

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