"A Little Hero Who Looks Like a Violin"

Οnline Weekend Workshops

Weekends in 2021 are now ... οnline! 

Starting this year, the Museum of Cycladic Art’s popular educational workshops, enjoyed by generations, will take place online! Online weekend workshops, which were organized during the Museum’s closure, will continue until the Museum reopens to the public. Families throughout Greece and Greek-speaking children from around the world are invited to participate! 

Each weekend until May, children and parents from around the world will discover the Museum through storytelling, interactive tours, art workshops, theatre, photography, and music!

The online weekend workshops are made possible with the support of Eurolife FFH, a strategic partner of the Museum of Cycladic Art. 

MARCH 2021

A Little Hero Who Looks Like a Violin
Saturday the 13th of March, Sunday the 14th of March, and Sunday the 28th of March, 11:00-13:00

Who would not want to feel like a little hero these days? Who would not want to have a hero to protect them? 

This March, heroic deeds are in season. In this workshop, we will hear about the adventures of a little hero who persevered despite his size! After storytelling, we will ask students to choose their favorite old t-shirt (or one of dad’s!) to bring our little hero to life. Together, we will transform the shirt into a hero who will be with us whenever we need him. A tour of the Museum of Cycladic Art will provide inspiration, and a Cycladic figurine that looks like a violin will become our Hero! 

Parents, sit comfortably next to your children and get ready to be creative with us. 

Tickets at 10€ (parent and child)
Number of children per class: 15

*This workshop also welcomes Greek-speaking children abroad


- 1 old t-shirt (child or adult size)
- Fabric scraps (alternatives include old socks, old t-shirts, or one packet of cotton wool)
- Scissors for cutting textiles (not for the children)
- 1-2 tubes of glue
- Pins (not for the children)
- Paint (gouache, acrylic, or textile markers) 


Antonia Velliou

Despoina Sakellariou
Developmental Psychologist


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