«A Museum to my measure» | 5-7 years old


The theme of this year’s workshops is the museums of the world: small and large, well-known and little known museums, art museums, archaeological museums, but also other, original, strange, and unique museums.

Children will have the opportunity to discover all kinds of museums, learn about the works of art, ancient and modern, they contain and about the work of well-known and not so well-known artists.

These museums will “come” to the Museum of Cycladic Art through tours, narrations, videos, role play, and handicrafts.
The children will make museums to their measure... creating their own unique artwork, exhibitions, and museums with all kinds of different materials, imagination, and play.

Let’s get to know the world’s museums together!


Niovi Stavropoulou
Visual artist - Art Therapist

Chrisoula Plakioti
Visual artist - Art Therapist


Art Brut Museum
Art outside the museum
Saturday 7/10  11.00-13.00

► Art Brut, or “Raw Art”, is the art of self-taught artists who had little contact with art institutions or influence from artistic traditions. Concerned only with individual artistic creation, they used simple or strange materials to fashion images in unusual places. What is it like to draw spontaneously on surfaces such as walls and create “raw” art? What is “raw”, and how raw, or rough, is it really?

In this workshop we learn about self-taught artists and discover how many images a single one conceals. We experiment with detail in order to express and render our impulses with multiple images in an imaginary, visually “raw” tale.

Sagrada Familia Museum
Build through play 
Sunday 15/10 11.30-13.30

► How important is a structure’s form, and what feelings and thoughts does it communicate?
There is a museum in Barcelona that tells the story of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi’s most amazing creation, the Sagrada Familia cathedral and its interior. 

In this workshop we learn about Gaudi and the cathedral’s extraordinary architecture. Through playing with sand, we discover forms, create foundations, and build our own Sagrada Familia.

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Monday – Friday: 10:00-13:00