“A Figurine for the Summer”

Οnline Weekend Workshops

Weekends in 2021 are now ... οnline! 

Starting this year, the Museum of Cycladic Art’s popular educational workshops, enjoyed by generations, will take place online! Online weekend workshops, which were organized during the Museum’s closure, will continue until the Museum reopens to the public. Families throughout Greece and Greek-speaking children from around the world are invited to participate! 

Each weekend until May, children and parents from around the world will discover the Museum through storytelling, interactive tours, art workshops, theatre, photography, and music!

The online weekend workshops are made possible with the support of Eurolife FFH, a strategic partner of the Museum of Cycladic Art. 

MAY 2021

“A Figurine for the Summer”
Saturday, May 15 for English-speaking children
Sunday, May 9 and Sunday, May 16 for Greek-speaking children

Summer is almost upon us again! This year, we will carry something different with as at the beach…a lucky charm. This lucky charm will be inspired by the Museum’s collection of Ancient Cypriot Art and a magical fairy tale. 

In the last online workshop of this season, we will take a virtual trip to the sea, sing summer songs, dance exotic dances, and play with one of our favorite materials, clay. We will shape, cut, carve, and color the clay to create our lucky charms, which in turn give us momentum to enjoy the summer! 
Let’s celebrate the start of the summer together! 

Tickets at 10€ (parent and child)
Number of children per class: 15


- Air-drying clay (white or red)*
- Small wooden sticks, toothpicks, a pencil, or any other tool you can use for carving and engraving
- Paint (tempera or watercolors)

*If you can’t find clay, you can use flour, water, and salt to make dough.

Sunday, May 9, 11:00-13:00 (Greek time), Greek-speaking workshop
Sunday, May 16, 11:00-13:00 (Greek time), (repeated) Greek-speaking workshop
Saturday, May 15, 18:00-19:30 (Greek time), English-speaking workshop



Antonia Velliou

Despoina Sakellariou
Developmental Psychologist

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