Visitors with disabilities

Workshops for people with disabilities


The program “Together in the Museum” was launched in February 2016.  It offers a series of free workshops developed for children and teenagers, from five to seventeen years old with learning and developmental disabilities. Delivered by experts in education and art therapy, the workshops are based on the theory of playful learning as a process to encourage participation and self- expression. Within the safety net of play, various art media and processes are introduced while physical movement is also used as means of creative collaboration. 

The focus of this program is the communication between excluded communities and their integration into our society’s cultural realm. They are addressed either to schools that visit the museum before noon or to families that join the activities in the afternoon. Through the workshops both children and adults are introduced to the Museum’s exhibitions but also to the museums world in general, taking this opportunity to familiarize themselves with the museum visiting experience.

As a follow up to this program, workshops following the same teaching and learning principles take place at community centers serving communities in need. With these actions, the Museum attempts to serve the ever-increasing need for art and education programming within communities with previously limited access to art and culture.

In 2016 and in 2017 the program was kindly supported by the International Young Patrons of the MCA and RAYCAP


Niovi Stavropoulou
Art Therapist


Information - Reservations: Τ. 210.7239438.
Monday - Friday: 10:00 – 13:00


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