Cycladic Café Art Project | Tim Noble & Sue Webster

 November 2018 until January 2019

"Sue and I originally created the word YE$ in thick gold letters with shimmering white light bulbs, for an art fair booth in New York.  We were a little fed up with having to be the constant bread winners for our gallery at the time, so it appealed to us to make something quite vulgar and brash that would literally dazzle and daze all those showing opposite the booth or passing by, and be quite over-sized for gallery’s booth wall.  Ironically the piece was a great success! 

One critic wrote we were successfully ‘selling America back to the Americans’!  We later went on to dropping the YE$ for just the $. Larry Gagosian had offered us a show in a part of L.A. that was so clean and free of garbage that it appealed to us to make shadow works out of money instead of rubbish, which led to an entire show on money - the glamour and seduction and corruption of money. The Dollar $igns, like Warhol’s dollar signs, were reflecting the consumer society and art culture of its time, dazzling, seductive and corruptive.” 

- Tim Noble



As part of the Contemporary Art Program, the Museum of Cycladic Art presents the Cycladic Café Art Project connecting social spaces with art. Aiming to embrace both the greek and the international contemporary art scene, the Museum presents works by internationally acclaimed and emerging artists, which relate to current Museum exhibitions and activities. The Cycladic Café Art Project stimulates an intimate dialogue bringing art closer to everyday life.

Aphrodite Gonou & Atalanti Martinou

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