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Explore the Cycladic Art Collection

  • Cycladic culture flourished in the islands of central Aegean during the Early Bronze Age. Marble carving is the most characteristic product of Cycladic culture, and the abstract forms of its figurines have influenced several twentieth and twenty-first century artists, such as Constantin Brancusi, Amedeo Modigliani, Alberto Giacometti, Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. Although Cycladic marble figurines and vases appeal to the modern viewer for their almost translucent whiteness, their creators loved colour and used it liberally on these objects for both practical and symbolic reasons.

Explore the Ancient Greek Art Collection

  • The birth of Greek art in the protohistoric Aegean, the development of Classical culture and its gradual dissemination all over the Mediterranean basin constitutes one of the most influential phenomena in the history of western civilization. The MCA holds a large collection of Ancient Greek Art with representative artifacts from all periods between the Middle Bronze Age (2nd millennium BC) to the very end of the Roman period (4th c. AD).

Explore the Cypriot Art Collection

  • The MCA's Cypriot Collection (Thanos N. Zintilis Collection) is one of the largest collections of Cypriot antiquities in the world with more than 800 items. The earliest traces of human presence on Cyprus date to the 10th millennium BC and come from the temporary habitation of hunter-gatherer bands in caves

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