5000 paintings, one Cycladic head

5,000 were the entries in this year, third consecutive contest for the poster of the educational programs of the Museum of Cycladic Art. The contest was completed late July revealed 30 winners for the 30 years of the Museum completed in 2016. The 30 projects selected will be starring in this year's poster of educational programs of the museum beginning in October.

Protagonist of the poster this year, was the marble head of a Cycladic figurine (2800-2300 BC). Using collage, painting and other techniques, children unfurled their imagination and expressed in the most creative way, causing thousands of colorful Cycladic heads to flood the museum: Heads with glasses, notes, feathers, newspapers and whiskers. Heads superheroes, chessboards heads, heads pirates heads flags...

In order to bring these unique children's projects, the Cycladic Art Museum organizes from September 30th exhibition of children's painting entitled "5000 paintings, 1 Cycladic head", which will be open to the public days and hours of the museum.



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