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Archaeological site of Ancient Agora


Guided tour | Ancient Agora

Cycladic Friends wandered the archeological site of the Ancient Agora where they visited the Stoa of Attalos and the impressively preserved temple of Hephaestus.

Museum of Cycladic Art


Private guided tour at the temporary exhibition "Kallos. The Ultimate Beauty"

MCA Friends had the opportunity of a private guided tour to our new temporary exhibition called "Kallos. The Ultimate Beauty".

Historical center


CYCLADIC WALK | The liberated Athens

Celebrating the 188th anniversary of the proclamation of Athens as the capital of Greece which took place on the 18th of September 1833, MCA Friends experienced an exclusive walk around the historical centre during which they learned unknown stories of the city from 1800 to 1880.



CYCLADIC PATHS | Day trip to Epidaurus

In our day trip to Epidaurus Cycladic Friends had the opportunity to participate in a private guided tour at the archaeological space as well as watch the adaptation of the Greek tragedy “Orestes” directed by Yannis Kakleas starring Aris Servetalis as part of the program of Athens & Epidaurus Festival.

Former Tobacco Factory


Guided Tour | NEON Portals

MCA Friends visited the new 6,500m2 cultural space, renovated with funding from NEON, which was inaugurated by an international group exhibition, Portals, featuring 59 artists from 27 countries including 15 new site-specific installations commissioned by NEON.