• Benaki Museum


    Roads of Arabia | Archaeological Treasures from Saudi Arabia

    "Roads of Arabia", the exhibition that was inaugurated at the Louvre in 2010 and since then has been shown in three different continents, welcomed on May 16th the MCA Friends for a special guided tour by the chief curator Ms. Mina Moraitou, who narrated the long cultural heritage of Arabia from the prehistoric era up to the 20th century.

  • Akrokorinthos | Ancient City | Archaeological Museum of Corinth


    Day trip to Ancient Corinth

    On Saturday the 20th of April, MCA Friends traveled to Ancient Corinth where they hiked in Akrokorinthos castle's walls, wandered in the ruins of the ancient city's temples and step of St. Paul and learned all about the history of some of the most valuable findings exhibited in the Archaeological Museum.

  • Citronne Gallery


    "Encapsulation - Mappemonde"| George Lappas

    Citronne Gallery has recently opened a new space in Kolonaki, the heart of Athens off with an exhibition dedicated to George Lappas (1950-2016) called "Encapsulation-Mappemonde". On Tuesday the 9th of April the co-curators of the exhibition conducted a private tour for the MCA Friends and introduced us to the symbolical universe of the artist.

  • National Library of Greece


    Talk of professor G. T. Mavrogordatos in Vallianeios Mansion

    On Thursday 28th of March, Dr. G. T. Mavrogordatos Professor of Political Theory and Histoy gave a talk to MCA Friends on the subject of National Division during the 20th century. Prior to the talk, a guided tour was conducted to the rooms of the National Library by the librarian Mr. G. Chrysostomidis.

  • Walk


    A stroll back in king Othon's time through the neoclassical buildings of Athens

    On Saturday the 16th of March, MCA Friends walked around some of the most iconic neoclassical buildings in Athens and learned all about the Athenian society and architecture of the 19th century. Kotzia square, Arsakeios Gallery, Vallianeio Palace and the Academy of Athens were some of the most important architectural key points of the walk. At the end, Stathatou Mansion, where the Museum of Cycladic Art is partly housed, hosted a private brunch.

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