Grave column (Cippus)

  • Collection Number Ζ0774
  • Date Middle-Late Roman
    100 a.D. - 300 a.D.
  • Description Grave column resting on a high Doric base. Conch decorated with the sculptured head of a woman bearing a pair of earrings and two circular necklaces. This is a representative example of a class of column-shaped grave monuments (cippi), with base and capital, which are found commonly as grave markers from the Late Hellenistic to the Late Roman period in several parts of Cyprus, such as Limmasol (Amathous), Larnaca (Kition), Famagusta (Ammochostos) and Kyrenia. In addition to relief decorative bands, colonettes of this type often carry Greek inscriptions mentioning the name of the deceased, addressed with the standard greeting 'chaire' (farewell) and sometimes the name of the father or the spouse. Expressions of condolence are also frequent, such as 'ουδείς αθάνατος' ("no one is immortal").
  • Culture Cypriot
  • Period Roman period
  • Material limestone
  • Dimensions H: 71 cm / D: 27 cm
  • Object Provenance From Tremithousa, Larnaca (Cyprus)
  • Exhbition Gallery 3rd floor / Cypriot Art
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