Athena finger ring

  • Collection Number Ζ0461
  • Date 1st century AD
    1 a.D. - 100 a.D.
  • Description Finger ring with inlaid carnelian decorated with an engraved bust of Athena. In Cypriot art, Athena appears usually fully armed with crested helmet, round shield and spear, which emphasize her warlike aspect. Her worship is attested from quite early in the sanctuaries of Idalion, Vouni and Kakopetria. It is believed that the cult of Athena merged with the cult of Phoenician Anat in Cyprus.
  • Culture Cypriot
  • Period Roman period
  • Material gold, carnelian
  • Dimensions D: 2.4 cm
  • Exhbition Gallery 3rd floor / Cypriot Art
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