• Collection Number Ζ0347
  • Date 1st century AD
    1 a.D. - 100 a.D.
  • Description Juglet with hexagonal body decorated with vegetal motives and representations of vessels. Residues of pasted-up glass on the shoulder suggest the existence of a handle. The vessel has been made in the glass-blowing technique from a three-piece mould. Such elaborate glass vessels are rare in early Roman Cyprus and may have been imported from Phoenicia, the city of Sidon in particular, where there was a flourishing glass industry. The decoration with bunches of grapes, a kantharos and a jug may refer to the god of wine, Dionysus, whose cult was widespread in the Eastern Mediterranean during the first Christian centuries. In Cyprus, evidence for the cult of Dionysus has been recovered from Nea Paphos.
  • Culture Cypriot
  • Period Roman period
  • Material glass
  • Dimensions H: 9.9 cm / D: 6.2 cm
  • Exhbition Gallery 3rd floor / Cypriot Art
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